Beyond The Now


german premiere at

Akademie der Künste, Berlin

1-channel film

colour&black and white, sound

4K anamorphic, aspect ratio 2,35:1

18 min,German with English subtitles


Jules Elting

Natasja Loutchko

Ida Lennartsson

Ulrike Hemberger

Cleo Zindler


Author and Director Christin Berg

lighting Cinematographer

Jakob Stark

Music by Matija Strniša


Filip Caranica

contemporary sounds

Film Editing by Christin Berg

Sound Recording

by Thomas Funk

Assistant Camera

by Nikolaus von Schlebrügge



Beyond the Now is a critical examination

of the forest as a symbol

of the romantics for foggy vision

as well as utopian ideas about the future

and dystopian realities.

Based on the Italian landscape,

which was captured by German Romantics

in paintings of the 18th and 19th centuries,

a reflection of the past is interpreted here,

but visions of escapism and

an utopian future are also revealed.

Opposite is an insight into a

current forest area after a wildfire.

This discrepancy between the

actual state of existence

and the hopes of the past

forms the basis of the work.


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