I Am Going




1-channel film, 
black and white, sound, 
shot on 4K
, 60 min, English

Cast Cécile Laroche, Sabine Clement, Ben Shemie

Author and Director Chris Berg, lighting Cinematographer Jakob Stark, Music by Ben Shemie, Editing by Chris Berg,
Sound Recording by Graciella Barrault

The idea for the film I Am Going originated on the streets of Paris and at the Cité Internationale des Arts. A narrative in black and white whose protagonists stand facing one another to proclaim nothing less than the end of the world. Two women gifted with political acumen and common sense, whose interpretations go unheard nevertheless. Their revelations are articulated on a sort of pilgrimage that leads each of them to find the other. The journey takes them from the country to the city and directly through the city itself. It is the pose, the gesture in public space, like a raised fist, a scarf held in a hand, or public graffiti, that weighs on the characters’ shoulders and grows heavier.

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