Fire Walks With Me

Fire Walks With Me

1-channel film, 3-channel film installation, colour, sound
Shot on 16mm and 4K, English, Aspect ratio 2,35:1
30 min, Co-Production Stachemou Films London

Cast Evangeline Baldwin, Ann-Ci Lifmark, Hannah Ehrlichmann, Recardo Koppe, Dee Keyne

Author and Director Chris Berg, lighting Cinematographer Jakob Stark, Editing by Ninon Liotet, Music by Gábor Ripli, Addtional Soundrecording by Graciella Barrault

The characters in Fire Walks With Me have taken on disparate physical forms to move through a vast array of geographical spaces and times in history, and yet they are still connected to each other. They are empathic wanderers, immersed in the nature that surrounds them. he nomad’s instinct to wander also carries with it the urge to live in places far from home and to remain constantly on the move.

Shot in Iceland, Germany, France and Portugal, the film viscerally conveys heat, cold, and storm, but also solitude and hunger.
The work is presented both as a single-channel and a three-channel video.

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